Made in the USA better than anything else to improve the "I" engine

         It is a bolt-on performer on a "T" without any changes.

         Outside identical to Hi-Head 1917-27 except for individual foundry marks

         Built to fit over 5/16 high pistons over block with carbon space. High dome pistons cannot be used with the "Z" Head.

         Compression ratio: 6 to 1

         Aluminum alloy casting

         Holds extra water for cooling (Approx. 1 quart.)

         Has "Z" wedge chamber with improvements. Less fuel, more speed, quicker starting and getaway, flattens the hills.

         About 27 Horsepower: Ford standard was 20HP

         Tested on a "T" with no adverse babbit problems

         Now being run on cars in all states with high praise

         Use 50% antifreeze when using the "Z" head.

>>View PDF Installation Manual


         $310 plus $20.00 shipping and handling

         Paypal (+$10), Check or Money Order

         Shipping weight: 12.5 lbs

         Specify plug size when ordering. 14mm or Model "T" plug


The advantages of the "Z" Head are more power with much less fuel, more speed, quicker acceleration, easier and quicker starting, fast getaway, and elimination of engine pinging and detonation.